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The Township of Ear Falls
2 Willow Crescent
Ear Falls, ON   P0V 1T0

T 807-222-3624
F 807-222-2384
We arrange accessible feedback and can provide alternate formats upon request.

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Municipal Contacts

Mayor Kevin Kahoot
c) 807.727.0365 or w) 807.222.3624 ext. 1030

Councillor Brad Mountain

Councillor Daniel Sutton
c) 807.728.0909

Councillor Kim Thain
c) 807.729.6179

Councillor Doug Woolsey
c) 613.661.6690


Clerk Treasurer Administrator, Kimberly Ballance
w) 807.222.3624 ext. 1027 c) 807.727.0458

Manager of Public Service and Operations, Glenna-Lynn Wigle
c) 807.727.7136 w) 807.222.3624 ext. 1024

Manager of Water and Wastewater Operations, Brigitte Jetté
c) 807.728.3214 w) 807.222.3613
On-Call Cell 807.728.3000

Deputy Treasurer, Shannon Jeffries
807.222.3624 ext. 1026

Deputy Clerk Intern, Shawna Weston
807.222.3624 ext. 1025

Chief Building Official, Noel Dumontier
c) 807.727.7276

Fire Chief, Darryl Desjardins

Administrative Clerk I, Marija Pudar (Accounts Payable/Payroll)
807.222.3624 ext. 1023

Administrative Clerk II, Charlene Henrie (Accounts Receivable/Property Tax)
807.222.3624 ext. 1022

Administrative Clerk III, Katie Steele (Reception/Cashier)
807.222.3624 ext. 1021

By-Law Enforcement Officer, Michael McGregor