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Development Properties

Available Commercial/Industrial Properties

  • 3 lots that are available for home industry. The lots permit mixed-use zoning, including agricultural uses, and are each approximately 2 hectares in size.

  • 7 Industrial lots

  • 5 Commercial lots

Building Permits

Building Permits are not specific to a zoning type and are priced as follows. For example, $100,000 in construction costs would equate to a $1,940 building permit.

  • $20 for construction up to $3000 in value

  • $5.50 for every $1000 in value for construction over $3000

Typical build costs, lease values and property tax rates for the municipality are shown below.

Build Costs

  • Commercial/Office: $200 - 350/sq.ft.
  • Industrial: $150 - $250/sq.ft.

Lease Values

  • Commercial/Office: $10 - $30/sq. ft
  • Industrial $5 - $15/sq.ft.

Property Taxes

Rates are determined annually. Please contact Kimberly Ballance, Clerk Treasurer Administrator at the Township of Ear Falls for current tax rates.

Camping, Pakwash Provincial park

Camping, Pakwash Provincial park

Lac Seul

Lac Seul