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Development Properties

Available Commercial/Industrial Properties

7 Industrial lots

5 Commercial lots

Building Permits

Building Permits are not specific to a zoning type and are priced as follows. For example, $100,000 in construction costs would equate to a $550 building permit.

Minimum Permit Fee is $50 / project.

$5.50 for every $1000 in value of construction

Typical build costs, lease values and property tax rates for the municipality are shown below.

Build Costs

Commercial/Office: $200 – 350/sq.ft.
Industrial: $150 – $250/sq.ft.

Lease Values

Commercial/Office: $15 – $30/sq. ft
Industrial $7 – $15/sq.ft.

Property Taxes

Rates are determined annually. Please contact Kimberly Ballance, Clerk Treasurer Administrator at the Township of Ear Falls for current tax rates.