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Community Garden – Open 2020

In accordance with the Government of Ontario and the Northwestern Health Unit’s recommendations, everyone who uses the Community Garden must abide by the following Rules.

DO NOT enter the community garden if you:
• Have symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, muscle aches, fatigue, headache, sore throat and/or runny nose). If you have symptoms, call the NWHU COVID19 hotline to be referred for testing (866.468.2240).
• Have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
• Have been told to self-isolate or quarantine

The following are NEW COMMUNITY GARDEN RULES due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. These are additional to the rules that are already in place for the garden.
• No more than 5 people may be gathered in the garden at a time.
• Everyone must maintain physical distancing of 2 metres (6 feet) unless they are from the same household.
• Gardeners must practice personal preventive measures: hand hygiene; avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth; and cough or sneeze into bent elbow or tissue.
• Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before entering and after leaving the garden. Gloves are not a substitute for washing hands.
• Take hand sanitizer with you when gardening. Sanitizer should be at least 70% alcohol. If hands are visibly soiled, hand washing is recommended in place of hand sanitizer.
• Take your own garden tools and sanitize them after use; Please do not share tools at this time.
• Avoid touching surfaces if it’s not necessary
• Take everything you need with you: hand sanitizer, your own tools, and your own gardening gloves.
• Keep trips to, and time spent at, the garden to a minimum (plan ahead!)
• Children should be taken to gardens only on an as-needed basis and should be instructed to follow physical distancing and hygiene recommendations.
• Please only tend to your garden plot. We know you may be trying to help by watering or weeding someone else’s plot – but please don’t at this time.

Thank-you for keeping the Community Garden safe!