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Has your property been impacted by flooding?

The Township of Ear Falls is gathering information from property owners/tenants located within the Ear Falls municipal boundary to determine if the Provincial Government will activate the Disaster Recovery Assistance Program (DRAO) for flood related impacts in Ear Falls.

The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing activates the program if a sudden, unexpected, extraordinary natural disaster causes costly and widespread damage to eligible private property. While you cannot apply for funding under this program at this time, your input is needed so that the Ministry can decide whether they will activate the program.

All information provided to the Township will be shared with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs for their review and determination. Please note that the DRAO provides financial recovery assistance for essential items. It is not intended to replace insurance and does not provide full cost recovery. Additional information is available at the link below.

Please contact Clerk Treasurer Administrator Kimberly Ballance at 807.222.3624 ext. 1027 or for more information.