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Library Services

Ear Falls Public Library Services

The Ear Falls Public Library is operated by the Ear Falls Public Library Board. For information about Library Services, check out their website or facebook page.

Today’s public library is a community service that benefits everyone. It changes lives and strengthens communities in important ways. Increasingly, the public library is recognized as a vibrant community hub where residents study, research, attend events and simply enjoy gathering and connecting with one another.

For more information about Library Services, contact Susan Carey, Library Director/CEO at 807-222-3209 or

Ear Falls Public Library Board

Ear Falls Public Library Board Members are appointed for a four year term, although consecutive appointment terms are permitted. The current Board Members are:

Susan Cullen, Board Chair
Angela Burdeney
Jennifer Harrison
Joanne Kay
Doreen Williamson

The Ear Falls Public Library operates in accordance with the Public Libraries Act which is the provincial legislation that governs the operations of public libraries in Ontario. This Act directs the Library Board to provide a comprehensive and efficient public library service that reflects the needs of the community.

The work of the Board and the work of the CEO are quite different and require specific skills. The Board exists to direct the vision and mission of the library and ensure that the community’s needs have been met but has no direct responsibility for operations. The Board is focused on what the library should accomplish and the CEO focuses on how it is done.