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Council Agendas and Minutes

Council Agendas and Minutes

Please also be aware that the electronic record of the Council Agenda and Minutes is provided as information only. The Township of Ear Falls does not warrant the accuracy of this electronic version, which may contain typographical errors, and/or omissions. The Meeting Agendas posted on this website may be amended at the Regular Council Meeting to reflect additions or deletions of items.

The Official Record of each Agenda and Minutes may be viewed at the Municipal Office during regular business hours.

Council Agendas and Minutes

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Council Delegation / Presentation Request Form

This form is used by members of the Public to apply to speak to Council at a Council Meeting. Requests must be submitted at least 1 week prior to the Council Meeting.

By completing this form I agree that I have reviewed the rules for giving a Delegation and Presentation set out below and understand that I will be required to follow the procedures set out in the Procedural By-Law No. 2528-23. I understand that this Form is a public document and will be part of the Agenda Package for Council and the Public.

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  1. A person who would like to appear as a Delegation or Presentation in a Meeting of Council, Board or Committee must complete and submit the prescribed form (e.g. Appendix “B”) and a copy of their Delegation Report / Presentation Report to the Administrator by 12:00 noon on Wednesday, one week prior to a Council Meeting.
  2. The subject matter of Delegation / Presentation must be a matter within municipal jurisdiction.
  3. A Delegation / Presentation consisting of one (1) person shall have five (5) minutes to address Council. Members or Officers may ask questions, or seek additional information from the presenter beyond the five (5) minute time limit.
  4. A Delegation / Presentation consisting of more than two (2) persons shall be limited to two (2) speakers, and each shall have five (5) minutes to address Council. Members or Officers may ask questions, or seek additional information from the presenter(s) beyond the ten (10) minute time limit.
  5. Council shall not make a decision in response to a Delegation / Presentation during the Delegation / Presentation. Members of Council or a Committee may seek clarification from the presenter(s), but will not enter into a debate or discussion on the subject matter.
  6. A presenter shall be limited to two (2) Delegations / Presentations in a calendar year on the same subject matter.
  7. The Administrator shall have the discretionary authority to determine whether sufficient detail has been provided in the prescribed form (e.g. Appendix “B”) and to request additional information as required from the presenter or an employee of the Corporation.
  8. The Administrator shall have the authority to determine the Meeting at which a Delegation / Presentation will be scheduled, having regard to time sensitive issues.
  9. The Administrator reserves the right to deny a Delegation / Presentation request where the subject matter includes content which falls within Section 239 of The Municipal Act or matters covered by The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.