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Ear Falls Broadband Study 2021

The Township of Ear Falls hired an IT Consultant to complete a feasibility plan to determine the method and cost to increase broadband capacity and increase internet speeds throughout the municipality up to the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Canada standards of 50Mbps for downloads and 10 Mbps uploads.

The Project involved:

  • Performing a “desktop” gap and needs analysis using publicly available resources and data;
  • Conducting site visits to identify visible telecommunications infrastructure in the community and general vicinity.
  • Engagement of regional telecommunications service providers as a source of information.
  • Acquiring data sets, including speed test data and other statistical information as might be feasible with the assistance of the community.
  • Providing an overview of relevant regulatory matters that might have an impact on the project (i.e.: open access policy, basic service determination and potential access to new funding).
  • Preparing a project budget based on the implementation of the recommended course of action and upgrades.

The complete report is available here:  Ear Falls Broadband Study