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Vacant and Excess Land Stakeholders – Seeking Public Input

The Township of Ear Falls is seeking public input regarding the Property Tax Treatment of Vacant and Excess Commercial and Industrial Land.

July 25, 2019 – The Township of Ear Falls is seeking feedback related to the reform of property tax reductions that currently exist for unimproved commercial and industrial land. Those wishing to provide input on these matters may complete an online survey and submission form prior to August 15, 2019.

These reductions are currently applied to unimproved commercial and industrial property, or portions of property that qualify to be included in one of the following property sub-classes:

  • The Vacant Land sub-classes capture properties included in one of the commercial or industrial classes, but which have no assessable improvements (buildings) on them whatsoever.
  • The Excess Land sub-classes apply to portions of improved property that is not improved and is in excess of the amount of land required to support the existing buildings under municipal planning rules.

These sub-classes are currently subject to discounted property tax rates compared to similarly classified property on which there are buildings. Since 2017 the Province has provided municipalities with broad flexibility to tailor the treatment of these vacant and excess lands in response to local circumstances. The Township intends to seek permission to eliminate the tax rate discount percentage for vacant and excess land. This change would mirror the treatment to be applied for the Provincial education portion of the tax bill as of 2020.

Unimproved land would continue to be subject to comparable lands with building on them because the property values (Current Value Assessment) would be lower.

Input regarding the potential implications of these changes is being sought from landlords, business owners and members of the general public and will inform the final decision-making process. Interested parties are encouraged to submit a formal survey and comment form, which is available online at or can picked up in person at the Municipal Office – Ear Falls Government Building located at 2 Willow Crescent.

The deadline for the submission of input is August 15, 2019.

Contact for More Information
Kimberly Ballance
Township of Ear Falls
807.222.3624 ext. 27